TODAY, my flower gallery is filled with rose flowers and gypsophila. People are always happy and love to see flowers. Our mind gets relaxed and comfortable when seeing flowers. Advertisements



My flower gallery is filled with colorful dutch roses. The bloomed flowers fullfil my heart with a smile. Happiness is the key word of satisfaction . Always round flower arrangements are placed in the centre because they can be viewed fromj all sides  


Ixora consists of trophical evergreen trees and shrubs. The native to the trophical and sub trophical areas through out the world. Its centre of diversity is Trophical Asia. Ixora grows commonly sub trophical climates in the US. The plant produces large clusters of tiny flower in the summer. It used in Hindu Worship and Ayurveda.


Bouquet Hoop is made up of a wooden frame with florals . Hoop bouquets are romantic, beautiful and it has been popping up every where as a cool classic bouquet. I made it with lucky bamboo. I added real red dutch roses and added chinese orange leaves and cypress for greenery. This is light weight…


White and green combination of GLADIOLS and ASPERAGUS makes heart in a happy mood. GLADIOLS GLADIOLUS sometimes is called sword lily. But it is usually called by its generic name gladioli. This flower occurs in Asia, Meditarranean Europe, South Africa and Tropical Africa. ASPERAGUS Shathavari is also known as Asperagus and is used in traditional…


LAVENDER COLORED FLOWER  promote youth and elegance, grace and refreshment. Lavender flowers have a delicate, feminine and old fashioned touch to them, even when contained in a directly modern bouquet. FLOWERS hinted vibrant, passionate and demanding to be noticed, red is the color of love and romance. Red flowers symbolize courage, respect, constancy, admiration and…