The word Cake makes us lick our lips. I did it with egg. Egg and ghee is optional otherwise same amount of oil and milk is substituted for making the cake. This cake is very soft and fine in texture.


Ingredients for the tea cake
Whisk the sugar, egg and ghee very well until it fluffy
Fold dry ingredients gently with milk
Pour the batter into the ring vessel
After cooling flip the cake


  1. 11/2 cup all-purpose flour
  2. 1 tsp baking powder
  3. 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  4. 2 egg
  5. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 100 ml ghee
  7. 100 ml milk


  1. Sieve flour and baking powder 2 to 3 time and keep aside.
  2. Beat sugar, egg whites and ghee very well until fluffy.
  3. At a time add egg yolks and vanilla extract for flavouring.
  4. Slowly add the flour and gently fold it with the help of milk to give a soft consistency.
  5. Pour the batter into the well greased ring dish. Then tap it to release air pockets.
  6. Bake it approximately for 40 to 45 minutes in a pre heated oven. Ovens temperature differs in some cases.

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  1. So delicious! πŸ˜‹

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Yes it was! 😊Thank you Tamara! πŸ’™

  2. The cake looks so soft and tasty! πŸ™‚

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      It was delicious! Thank you very much for your appreciation Ronit! 🌼

  3. Indira says:

    I used to make a similar one- its called 1-2-3-4 cake πŸ™‚
    1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour and 4 eggs with a few spoons of milk and vanilla.
    check out my latest post!

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Hi, Indira 1-2-3-4 is nice name and it is almost similar to my experiment! Thank you for your share, I will definitely try! Definitely check your new post!
      😊 🌼 πŸ’œ

  4. Suni, those perfect cake slices…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Luckily I got the correct texture! Thank you very much Deeksha! πŸ’œ

  5. SaL says:

    Yummy in my tummy!!
    Can you courier some across? πŸ˜€
    Looks delicious Suni… 😍

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      When I have a possibility I will do it! It will be take 2, 3 days Salina! Thank you very much for your time and appreciation!

      1. SaL says:

        You are very sweet! Thank you! ❀️

      2. SaL says:

        You are very sweet Suni! Sending you lots of love! ❀️

      3. sunipukadiyil says:

        I appreciate your lovely words my dear friend, much love! πŸ’œ

  6. Truly is this so simple, your picture is very attractive telling to eat them all

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      I am very glad to hear your opinion! The Whole vanished in very little time Subbashini! Thank you very much!❀

  7. gifted50 says:

    Delicious, looks like sponge cake they made in Guyana as a kid.

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      It was very tasty! It is similar to sponge cake ! Thank you! πŸ’œ

      1. gifted50 says:

        Ok, I kept a copy of the recipe to try out.

      2. sunipukadiyil says:

        Glad to hear! πŸ’•

  8. Tea cake is so good! This sound like a wonderful recipe. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Yes, It was Diane! After I baked it everything vanished from the plate! 😊

  9. This makes me want to have a cup of tea immediately.

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      That’s a great idea ! Thank you! πŸ’œ

  10. masgautsen says:

    This looks like a great treat

  11. sunipukadiyil says:

    Glad to hear ! πŸ’™

  12. MAP195 says:


    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you very much for your appreciation! 😊

  13. Rekha Sahay says:

    It looks yummy

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Yes it was! Thank you Rekha! 😊

  14. da-AL says:

    Terrific – yummy photos especially – hadn’t thought to bake with ghee

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      It was a yummy taste and the texture was also good, sometimes we get lucky in experiments! Thank you da-Al for your time and consideration! πŸ’•

  15. It looks so fluffy and super delicious!

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Yes Ribana it was! In a little time everything vanished from the plate! Thank you very much ! 😊 πŸ’œ

  16. poetry says:


    1. sunipukadiyil says:


  17. Nabeela says:

    It is looking good…. My husband is good at baking…. I will tell him to try this recipe….

  18. Gunjan Arora says:

    I am extremely fond of Chai and having Tea cake with it… Yummm πŸ˜‹

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Hahaha really a good idea! Thank you dear friend! 🌼🌷

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