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“Our daily lifes depend on this material for mental and physical work.”


My friend Ribana tagged me for this excellent topic” Food For Thought”!

Ribana is from Romania. Travelling, cooking, enjoy nature. Every one knows she encourages us through her motivational thoughts. If you look up there you can get some thing special The Table Art Shops from Popsicle Society Shop.



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My Quotes

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

William Shakespeare

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There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

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Victuals value is very important in our daily routine. We cannot live without food .

Healthy body provides good work and ideas that means it is the material for mental work. This is my own opinion about this thought.

I would like to tag:

Nora Edinger _ Joy Journal

Salina Kishinchand

Ramyani Bhattacharya



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  1. Michelle says:

    Love these quotes!

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you dear Michelle. Have a great weekend! 🌼

  2. Indira says:

    Food for tummy… and now food for brain 😀😀

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Yes both are depends on this matter Indira. Have a wonderful weekend! 🌼😊💕

  3. Thank you very much dear Suni for your kind words! I’m very grateful 💕💕
    Wonderful quotes! I do believe too that healthy body helps us make good work 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful and happy week! And again thank you 💕💕💕

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      I am really glad Ribana you liked my 3.2.1 quotes and my gratitude for your inspiring words! 💙Have a great week ahead hope you are enjoying! Thank you dear friend for your time and consideration! 🌼🤗💕

      1. Thank you very much dear Suni for your kind words and support always! Very appreciated! Have a wonderful and happy week ahead! 🤗🌸💕🌺🤩

  4. Gunjan Arora says:

    Wonderful quotes🌸💕🌸

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you dear friend! Have a wonderful week! 😊💕🌼

  5. aruna3 says:

    Congratulation.beautiful quotes.🌷

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you very much friend! ☺

      1. aruna3 says:

        Most welcome,dear!!

  6. Tanusri sen says:

    Lovely quotes !

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you dear friend! 💜

  7. Hey, this is so so lovely! ❤️
    Thank you so much too! I’ll try get to it as soon as possible! ❤️

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Okay. Take your own time Salina! 💜

  8. Seraja says:

    Great post 😍❤️

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you friend! 😊

      1. Seraja says:

        Your welcome darling ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Winnie says:

    I love the quotes too! 😊❤️

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