I have been nominated for the Randomness Award by Joshua M. Swanson. This is an awesome award and helps encouraging bloggers who are new in this communitty. Joshua and his colleagues have  A Tangled Web, produced by Steadfast Pictures and directed by Elijah Holston.Please visit and follow his blog http:// Joshua M. Swanson.wordpress.com.  Thank you for nominating me for the Randomness Award.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you, Joshua.
  2. Then answer the questions asked by your nominator.
  3. Then you must nominate 5 people and ask them 10 questions.

Questions from Joshua:

1. Do you keep your blog a secret from anyone? 

      No, not at all.

2. Have you ever met a famous person?

Yea, Sure.

3. What’s your favorite movie?

I love so many movies so I can’t choose.

4. What country do you live in?


5. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

I have 3 lovely brothers and 2 sisters.

6. How did you find my blog?

From the comment section .

7. Can you play any musical instruments?

I don’t play any musical instruments.

8. What is your deram for the future?

So many dreams. One of the dream is my blog, to interact with so many different type people with wonderful thoughts, like you.

9. How long have you been blogging?

One year.

10. Are you a funny person?

Yes, I am a funny person.

My Nominees:

Huguette Antoun, My emotional fingerprint

Steve, Steves Country.com

Ilona, easy diet blog

Positive side of coin

Priya, Zealous Homo Sapien

Questions for my nominees…

  1. One of the sweet memeories of school days?
  2. The book you like the best?
  3. An important day in your life?
  4. Which would you rather be a sick millionaire or a healthy person who can get by?
  5. Which is more important for our happiness – health or wealth?
  6. If all the money in the world were equally divided, every body would be very happy. Do you agree?
  7. Do you like sunshine or sunset?
  8. What is your favorite mode of transport?
  9. What you like to do when you are free?
  10. Your favorite food?.

Thanks again, Joshua for this wonderful opportunity which you have given me. I really enjoyed it. God bless you and your wonderful family.



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  1. Huguette says:

    Lovely new award! 😊 good job 👏
    It’s great to gave brothers and sisters, big family is great! And one year of blogging is a good journey hope it will always grow and prosper 😊
    interaction is the secret key actually for the blogging world 👍😊
    Thank you so much for thinking I’m worthy for this nomination 🙏🏻 will complete it for sure in the queue and let you know when it’s done 😊 have a great Sunday 🌞

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Oh, yes, big family is great. During my childhood family get togethers were awesome👌 Now a days expensive life style don’t promote it!👪 . Huguette, you deserve this nomination💕. I will wait for your answers! Have a nice day!👍

      1. Huguette says:

        Everything was better and our lives and families relationships were all better unfortunately
        Thank you so much for the lovely words 😊yes sure will enjoy answering them 👍

      2. sunipukadiyil says:

        Yes, you’re right!👍

  2. Very nice, Suni! I really love your answers! By the way, I want to let you know that I have no connection to A Tangled Web or to Steadfast Pictures. But Elijah Holston is my friend.

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      First i am saying sorry for that wrong information, I am very sorry! Thank you for the complement☺! Have a great day!👍

      1. That’s alright, don’t worry about it, Suni!! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!! 🤗✨✨

      2. sunipukadiyil says:

        Very nice to meet to you in this community! Have a nice day! God bless!👍

      3. Nice to meet you too, Suni! And thank you, God bless you too! 🙂

  3. Wm. Allen says:

    Congratulations on your award

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you so much !! 🙏

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