In Kerala we make this payasam easily. After lunch every one likes little sweets. Time saving and children like this sweet.


  1. 200 g long vermicelli
  2. 1 litre milk
  3. 6 tbsp sugar
  4. 1/2 tin condensed milk
  5. 25 g cashew nuts
  6. 25 g raisins
  7. 2 tbsp ghee
  8. 1/4 litre water




In an heavy bottomed vessel pour the two table spoon ghee. When the ghee heats add cashew nuts and raisins. Saute it into a golden color and take out from the ghee.

In the same vessel put the broken vermicelli then continuously saute in a medium flame. When It becomes slightly golden pour 1/2 litre milk and 1/4 litre water. Then turn into high flame and allow to boil.

After boiling add sugar. If need more sweet add it. Stir well. Then it will become thick pour balance 1/2 litre milk. Check if the vermicelli becomes smooth and add condensed milk.

Stir a while then add the cardamom powder, roasted cashew nuts and raisins. Remove from the fire.

IMG_20190402_154744Serve it warm or cold.


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