My childhood days were engaged with friends and playing. After 4 O’clock, after returning from school we hurries to go play. Our playing ground was our small rubber plantation. Today children, donot get such facilities. Now a days they use the leissure time in tv and m.phones or tablets. Buildings take major part of land in towns so children donot have room to play.

In the season of mango. We take and chili powder, shallots and salt from the house. Then we diced the mango cubically big or small. Then we mixed it with red chili powder, sliced shallots and salt



to wrapped it with banana leaf and placed a cleaned stone on the top.


Then we played games like hide and seek, food ball, chess and so on. After a long while after getting tired we come back to the mango. Then we opened the banana leaf and took the pieces one by one and ate.

IMG_20190328_193520We enjoyed this mouth watering mango dish.


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