Hearing about sweets is mouth watering by itself. Because they make happy moments. I made a sweet today, REVA LADDU. Semolina’s malayalam name is REVA, so we are calling it REVA LADDU. Less ingredients are need, but perfect quantity of ingredients will get a good result.



2 cup semolina

1 cup coconut

3/4 cup coconut

4 cardamom

1/2 cup ghee

15 broken cashew nuts

15 raisins

1/4 cup milk


Add 6 tbsp ghee to a pan and heat it.

Fry semolina on a low heat while stirring continuously until it begins aromatic smell comes.

When the semolina becomes smooth transfer from fire to keep cool.

Take another pan to dry roast coconut.

Finely blend sugar and cardamom to a powder.

Then blend semolina and coconut together to make slightly coarse powder.

Tranfer it into a bowl.

Heat 2 table spoon ghee in the pan to fry broken cashew nuts until golden.

Add raisins, saute a while and remove from the fire. Add to the semolina mix.

Next pour the hot ghee in the mix. At the same time boil 1/4 cup of milk and pour bit by bit into the mix, enough to to make the balls.And mix with spatula.

Take small portions of mix while hot and press into spheres.

Too much ghee will disintegrate the taste. Use of fine semolina will get good result.





















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