This is a quick recipe.This Delicious dessert originated in India.It is Very easy to make and has a super taste. Semolina is derived from wheat.

Today I made semolina halwa. I made syrup and then added semolina. Couple of tricks are required to make sure the halwa reaches the perfect consistency. I am adding a pinch of turmeric powder for color . This is opional, if you have food color add it. Adding dry fruit makes it more tasty.


1 cup semolina

1/2 cup ghee ( like too much ghee add 1/2 cup, need less ghee reduce it)

4 crushed cardamom

1/2 cup cashew & raisins


2 cup granulated sygar

3 cup water

pinch turmeric

In a medium size pot add all ingredients and cook until sugar melted. Remove from the fire.


  • In a pan add little ghee and fry cahew nuts and raisins. Keep aside.


  • In a heavy bottom pan add ghee and semolina with crushed cardamom.
  • Saute it for 2 to 3 minutes. Until an aroma can be observed.
  • Pour the sugar syrup in it and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Halwa will be bubbly and liquid, do not cook any longer.
  • Switch off the fire and close with a lid for 10 minutes.img-20190119-wa0129835573880.jpg
  • After 10 minutes it will gain perfect condistency.
  • Add the sauted cashew nuts and raisins. Enjoy.


























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