Ragi is a whole grain that is glutten free and a staple in South India. India is a leading producer of ragi in the world. It has important amino acids. Ragi is known as longer millet and it contains protein, natural iron and calcium in high amount. We make ragi porridge for babies,but the hygiene and cleanliness should be assured when making porridge

Significant amount of antioxidants in ragi helps to relax the body and prevent problems such as anxiety, insomnia and headache.


  1. 1 cup ragi powder
  2. 1 cup freshly grated coconut
  3. 1/4 or 1/2 cup sugar as per need
  4. 1 tsp cardamom powder
  5. Pinch salt
  6. Plantain leaves


  1. Boil in required amount of water and salt. After boiling add the ragi powder in it and mix well. Set aside.img-20190117-wa0087-303391842.jpg
  2. Mix coconut, sugar and cardamom powder.img-20190117-wa00761501854467.jpg
  3. Tear the leaf to required shape.img-20190117-wa0083-821083391.jpg
  4. Then divide ragi dough into six balls. Gently knead the ball on a flat surface of the leaf. Ragi is sticky, so dip the hand in water or a little oil then flatten it. Fill the coconut mix in the centre portion and lock both sides.
  5. Steam in a boiler for fifteen to twenty minutes.img-20190117-wa0084-238020487.jpg
  6. Check if it is cooked. Then remove from the fire. Enjoy with tea or coffee.img-20190117-wa00861302607328.jpg 





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  1. Jyo says:

    Healthy and delicious 😋

  2. sunipukadiyil says:

    Yes, it is healthy!

  3. JOY journal says:

    Haven’t seen this grain before. I’ll have to be on the lookout. 🙂

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      It is really good!

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