Eight different vegetables (ettangadi) are used in this dish. Along with the tubers , plantains and beans (cow peas, horse gram , green gram). The beans are roasted and cooked separately. The peeled vegetables and the cooked beans are mixed together with the coconut paste and heated through before serving.

In contemporary cooking instead of fire roasting, the beans and the vegetables are pressure cooked in separate batches and mixed with the spiced coconut paste and salt. I am using this coconut paste for 1 kg vegs.

2 cup grated coconut,2 chili, 1 tsp cumin, pinch turmeric.. blend together. Mixed with the spiced coconut paste in the cooked ingredients.

For me it is easy to get all the root vegetables here as nana kizhangu and koorkka. Nana Kizhangu is an interesting root with whiskers and tastes similar to colocasia (chembu in Malayalam), but has a firmer texture

I changes it up a bit.

2 tbsp coconut

1 tsp of mustard

2 spring curry leaves

1/4 cup grated coconut,

a handful shallot chopped

Saute above ingredients in the oil and pour into the THIRUVATHIRA PUZHUKK. We enjoy puzhukku with chutney and pickle.


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