Vegetable stew has an excellent taste with its soupy flavour. I have tried it with appam and chappathy. My husband likes to add pickle along with stew.


1 cup fresh green piece

1 cup carrot

1 cup potato

1 tbsp veg. or coconut oil

1 onion

1 green chili slitted

1 tsp gingergarlic paste

1 spring curry leaves

1 cardamom

3 cloves

1 tsp all spice powder

Salt to taste


1/2 cup first extraction milk from half coconut

2 cup second extraction of milk.


Cook the thin squarely chopped vegetable and green piece with 1/2 cup of water.

Heat oil in a container and add cardamom, cloves and curry leaves to sputter.


Then put thinly chopped onion and green chili in it to saute and its color will change add all spice powder, cooked vegs.

and with one cup of second milk, and salt. Let it boil. Make it easy to thicken up adding one tbsp cornflour mix in a little milk and add it in the stew.


When it becomes thick add the first milk. Stir a while and remove from the fire.



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