We enjoy APPAM with side dish. It has a Nice taste and easy to make. The Only time consuming process is rice soaking. We can make appam with or without yeast. So today I am making appam without yeast.


1 cup raw rice

1 cup grated coconut

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp black gram

1/2 cup cooked rice


Soak the rise 6 to 8 hours.

Blend the grated coconut to squeeze the 1st extraction milk

2nd extraction milk

Add the soaked rice and black gram in a blender and pour the 2nd milk and blend finely. When it is finely blended add cooked rice and blend.

If needed add more water then add 1st milk with little salt and blend.

Remove batter from the jar, then pour the rest of the milk in it to mix well. Keep it four to five hours for fermentation. Fermentation is depends upon the climatic condition.img-20181109-wa0002-1031450240.jpg

Place a round flat pan on the fire, pour one big spoon of batter in the pan and flatten it gently. Then close with a lid. If you like the taste of ghee or olive oil, add it and flip the other side for cooking.

Only less time is need for cooking. Enjoy the taste with veg. stew.




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