Beauty of flowers give our eyes delight and mental relaxation. Nature gives us a lot of beautiful objects to man for his own satisfaction.

I would like to start this new year by sharing the beauty of flowers.

Today I will present some flower arrangements for my blog friends.

Important flowers in the cut flower trade are orchid, rose, carnation, chrysanthamem, gladiols and anthurium.

In the international cut flower market people buy exotic items like orchids and lilies…

Orchids: Large number of orchid species are nature to India. Tropical orchids grow in western ghats, South India which are having high commercial value for their beautiful flowers.

Rose: Rose has been the queen of flowers. This flower represents beauty, love and tranquility. There are many kinds with its own beauty. Long lasting qualities are chosen as cut flowers. Popular colors are red, pink, orange.

Crysanthamem: This is a popular flower of commercial importance. Every year the area under cultivation of crysanthamem is being increased as there has been considerable demand of flowers.


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  1. This was a great post to look at as the start of a big snow storm just began where I live! Gorgeous pictures!

    1. sunipukadiyil says:

      Thank you for commenting, hope you will be safe in the storm!

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