img-20181220-wa0012-1921370734.jpgI am not joking it is an excellent pudding.


1/2 portoon of white gourd

1/2 litre milk (500g)

1 egg

1 tsp vanila extract

1 packet bourbon biscuit

5 tbsp sugar


Grate and blend the white gourd

Cook the blended white gourd in a heavy bottom pan, ( the white gourd has more water substance so we need to remove the water content with 2 table spoon of sugar). Stir it in between. Whole water evaporates in between five to ten minutes. Remove it from the fire.

Next blend 1/2 cup milk with egg and pour it in the rest of the milk. Add 2 table spoon sugar in it and stir it in a double boiling method.

When the custard thickens add 1 table spoon vanila essence then stir well. Remove from the fire and allow to cool.

First, Place the biscuits in a square shape mould.

Second, pour the cooled custard on the biscuits.

Third, place the white gourd mix on the custard.

Fourth, biscuit on the top.

Lastly pour the balance of the custard on the top.

Refrigerate for three hours. Try it, it is superb.


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