img-20181215-wa00161377994327.jpgSamosas are a popular entrée, appetizer, or snack in the local cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, the Arabian Peninsula, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia etc. Due to cultural diffusion and emigration from these areas, samosas in today’s world are also prepared in other regions.

Today I made chicken SAMOSA.

We need less ingredients and every one likes the taste of this snack.

1/4 kg boneless chicken

chopped ginger garlic

1 onion chopped and green chili chopped

1 tbsp curry leaves and corriander leaves chopped

1 tsp all spice powder and salt to taste

Oil for saute and fry


Heat oil in a tawa and saute onion, ginger garlic, green chili and leaves.

After this add crushed chicken all spices and salt. Keep aside.


1 cup all purpose flour (225g)

Pinch of salt


Mix flour and salt with water to make into dough.

Then flatten it and cut length wise.

Then fold it in a corn shape and fill mixture in it.


And cover and block it.

Fry the SAMOSAS in the oil, we will get twelve numbers for this measurement.

Enjoy with sauce






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