Healthwise beetroot plays an important role. It maintains blood circulation and blood cells. It is very good for our healthy diet.Enriched with thegoodness of nature,beetroot is packed with vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of human body. Beetroot is a rich source of fiber, folate, vitamin B9, manganese, iron and potassium etc.

Today I am making a mezhukkupuratti with Beetroot.

Simple ingredients are need led for this dish and less time to make.


2 Beetroot

2 Onion

1 Piece of ginger

1/2 Piece of green chili

Salt to taste

3 petals of curry leaves

2 tbsp oil


Grate the Beetroot, thinly chop onion, chop ginger and chop green chili then mix together with little salt.


Heat the pan then pour the oil in it and add the mixed ingredients in the pan, then saute well.


In between saute it. It will come to the mezhukkupuratti texture after 5 to 7 minutes. Lastly add drops of lime juice.

Enjoy the benefit of the BEETROOT.


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