Shallot is native to Central and South East Asia and spread to India and Eastern Meditarranean region with time. Shallots are also called bakers garlic. The powerful antioxidant in shallots contribute to many benefits. They slow down the growth of cancer cells and improve heart and diabetic health. Shallot also boosts brain health and their antiviral properties help keep infections at bay. Antioxidant effects of shallots could be beneficial for hair and skin.


1 cup shallots

1 cup grated coconut

5 red chilly

1 gooseberry size tamarind


1/2 tbsp corriander seeds


1 tsp mustard, 2 spring curry leaves, 3 shallot chopped, 2 tbsp oil for frying.


Salt to taste.

A pinch turmeric

Prep. Time  : 15 minutes

Cook. Time : 30 minutes

Servings     : 4


Heat a pan then add Coconut, corriander seeds, red chilly and one spring of curry leaves and saute well

when it becomes golden brown add turmeric and remove from fire for cooling

at the same time place a pan on the fire to pour 2 tbsp oil in it sputter the mustard, curry leaves then one table spoon shallot

saute well and take the fried ingredients from the pan,


then add the shallot in the same pan to saute with low flame for seven minutes.

When pouring the squeezed tamarind, add salt and one cup water for cooking.

Blend the coconut ingredients

and pour into the cooked shallot

If need more gravy add more water. After five minutes gravy will incorporate with the shallot remove it from the fire. Garnish with fried mustard. Enjoy with boiled rice.



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