We can make so many dishes with oats. Todays my dinner is oats steam put. Simple, but ethnic.

Preparation   – Easy

Time                 – 7 to 10 minutes 

Oats are whole-grain cereal. They are mainly grown in North America and Europe. Oats is rich in antioxidants, controls cholesterol, lot of fiber especially beta-glucan, and high in vitamines, minerals.

1 cup oats

1 cup ripe banana thinly sliced

1 cup grated coconut

Salt and 4 tbsp water


Mix pinch salt in the water then sprinkle water in the oats and sprinkle little grated coconut then mix, do not make lumps.

Add grated coconut first in the put maker, then thinly chopped banana and also fill put maker with oats.

Cooking time needs only 7 to 10 minutes for one put.

Tasty healthy oats put ready to serve.


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