For Most of the christian celebrations like CHRISTMAS, EASTER, WEDDING CEREMONY they make this PALAPPAM. Expecially central travancore christian communities enjoy this.

We always like palappam with veg., chicken, egg, beef stews and masalas.

Today I made egg stew. So I am sharing the palappam recipe. Simple and ethenic.

Time – six to eight hours for fermentation

Serving – 4


1 Cup fine rice flour

1 cup first extract coconut milk

3 tbsp sugar

1 tsp yeast

Salt to taste



Add 3 tbsp rice flour and water to in a container and mix well, then stir contstantly on the fire to make a thick porridge like batter.

Remove from the fire and keep it for cooling.

After cooling put the rice flour in the porridge and mix well, remove the lumps., pour liquid yeast

also add one or two table spoon sugar then a pinch salt and mix all the ingredients well. If needed add little water. If more sugar is needed add it. Then keep aside for fermentation.

After six to eight hours the batter will rise. Add first extract of coconut milk and saute well

Heat the palappa tawa and apply oil in it.

Then reduce the fire to pour 1 big spoon batter and twist the tawa with both hands to spread batter on to the sides.

Close with a lid.

Allow it to cook for one or two minute.

Enjoy PALAPPAM with side dish.



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