g>We have get different type of fruit locally and from shop. Fresh fruit eating is too good, but today I have an idea to make a dish.

PREPARATION            –           EASY       TIME                – 45 – 50 MINUTES


2 peeled and grated apple

1 orange sqeezed

4 tbsp cooked jackfruit

5 bread slices

1 tbsp all purpose flour

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp milk powder

3 tbsp fresh cream

1tsp olive oil


Bread soaked in the water and squeeze to blend

Then add in a pan grated apple, jackfruit, squeezed bread, one table spoon fresh cream, one table spoon sugar all together with medium flame to saute constantly five minutes in between adding of orange juice.

Remove from the fire and keep aside.

Pour one cup of water in the flour to mix well and remove the lumps then add milk powder, sugar and fresh cream in the batter. Switch on the fire with simmer flame and place the batter in the pan to stirring constantly about fifteen minutes then add fruit mix in the pan and stirring till it leaving the sides of the pan.

Remove and spread over the halwa with olive oil in a plate. After cooling cut it and enjoy.





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