In 1536 Spanish conquistadors conquered Peru, discovered the flavours of the potato and carried them in Europe. Before the end of the 16th century, families of Basque sailors began to cultivate potatoes along the Biscay Coast of Northern Spain.Potato has no fat sodium and cholesterol. Nearly half daily value of VITAMIN C. A good source of VITAMIN B6, MAGNESIUM, FIBER and ANTIOXIDANTS.It relatively high in CARBS. When enjoyed in moderatively and prepared in a healthy way potato can be nutrition addition to you diet.3 potato cooked and smashed1 onion finely chopped1 tbsp gingergarlic paste2 green chilli finely chopped2 tbsp corriander leaves chopped2 tbsp curry leaves choppedSalt for tasteOil for fryingPREPARATIONHeat two table spoon vegetable oil or any healthy oil to saute onion, green chilly and gingergarlic paste, corriander leaves, curry leaves one by one then take two minutes to stir and switch it off.Add the smashed potato and salt in the sauted ingredients. Then mix well and make it into small balls.FOR BATTER

Combine flour, baking powder, turmeric and pinch of salt.Heat in a deep frying pan, dip balls into the batter and place it in to the oil, fry until golden coloured.


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