Kerala’s very common dish. It make easy and fast.One or two parotha is enough for our stomach.

1 tsp sugar

1/2kg fine wheat powder flour or all purpose flour, 50 ml, veg. oilWater & salt

  • Add wheat flour in a large bowl pour oil along with sugar and salt water.
  • Mix and knead to hand smooth dough.img-20181001-wa0013-1494717083.jpg
  • Keep aside with 2 to 3 hours.
  • Take the dough into equal balls.img-20181001-wa00202132825497.jpg
  • Now we make pleats like thin sheet with oil. And round it.img-20181001-wa00291545501147.jpg
  • Spread the rolls with hand to medium round.
  • Heat the pan and fry both sides with oil.img-20181001-wa00301719254607.jpg
  • All round press with hands.

                          Tasty parotha ready to serve. Serve hot with any curries.

        “The life of the poor is a constant struggle, but happy people always enjoy life.”



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