This recipe is very common in christian marriages, christmas, baptism… I like this menu so I am sharing it. Appam and stew is very tasty


3 cup Rice flour

1 tsp Yeast

1 tbsp sugar

1 Cup coconut milk

Sugar to taste

Salt to taste


1/2 Cup rice flour

2 Cup grated coconut

Mix half cup of rice flour and water then continuosly stir in a low flame. Make a porridge and remove from fire and keep aside for cool.

Mix yeast and sugar with little warm water for fermentation.

After cooling the porridge add rice flour and yeast, then mix well. Keep for five to six hours for fermetation. (It depends on the climate) Instant yeast will make speedy result.

Blend grated coconut. If you like cumin add 1 tea spoon (optional). Add the blended coconut into the rice batter (mav), then sugar and salt for taste. Keep it for half an hour then make appam by pouring the batter on a hot pan greased with oil. This appam is fliped on both sides.

Another way of appam making is that raw rice is soaked in the water for seven to eight hours, then grind it with grated coconut and yeast with cooked rice and sugar.


1 kg chicken medium pieces

4 potato cut into cubed

5 nos green chilli slitted

5 no cloves

3 cardamom

3 inch cinnamon cut into pieces

8 whole pepper

1 cup of pure coconut milk

4 cup of second coconut milk

Salt to taste

Add all above ingredients in a cooker except first coconut milk. After boiling close the lids and put the weight. Simmer the flame. Then wait for two to three whistles. Open the lid and add if more thickness is needed blend one table spoon cornflour with milk or water then pour into stew and stir, add first milk do not boil too much and garnish with curry leaves or corriander leaves.

This appam and stew will give us a fantastic experience. Try it, I will assure every one will like this recipe.


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