Carrot semolina (Upma)

This is a porridge used in South Indian breakfast. Semolina is a big granuls of wheat. Today I am sharing this upma with carrot.

Prepatation time is less so very easy to make.

Roasted Semolina                        2 cups

Grated Carrot                               2

Thinly chopped onion                1

Thinly chopped ginger               1 tsp

Veg.oil or coconut oil                  3 tsp

Mustard                                        1 tsp

Curry leaves                                2 spring

Water                                            3 cup

Salt                                                 for taste



Heat the pan and pour oil then add mustard and let it for sputter. Add curry leaves, ginger, carrot and thinly chopped onion. Saute well two minutes. Add water, salt for 

boiling. When the water is boiling simmer the flame and add semolina in it, stir continously for one or two minutes and cover with a lid for a while. Switch off the flame. Wait a minute then saute and serve with ripe banana.

Add ghee for get too taste.


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