Mysore pak was first prepared in the kitchen of the Mysore Palace during the regime of Krishna Wadayar 4 by palace cook Kakasuru Madappa. Madappa made a concoction of gram flour, ghee and sugar.

Madappa simply called Mysuru pak. In kannada means sweet. It is traditionally served in weddings and festivals of South India, and is very popular in baby showers as well.

Most of the people like sweets. So my children also like this sweet. They didn’t wait to cooling, hurry to cut and enjoyed.


Besan flour                      1cup (225g) or gram flour

Sugar                                 1 cup

Ghee                                  1 cup

Milk                                    1cup


  1. Mix all ingredients in the heavy bottomed pan and cook it by stirring till it starts leaving the pan.
  2. Switch of the fire and spread it on the greased tray.
  3. After cooling cut it into defferent shapes.



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