Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani is an excellent source of carbs, protien, healthy fats, minerals and vitamines. It is a healthy meal.


Basmathi rice                                    – 2 cup

Cardamom                                         – 2

Clove                                                    – 5

Cinnamon                                          – 2 ,3 split

Lemon                                                – 1/2 lemon

salt                                                      – for taste

Cleaned Chicken

Pieces                                                 – 9

Curd                                                   – 1/2 cup


Green chilly Paste                          – 2table spoon

Garam masala                                – 1 ,,

Mint, corriander leaves               – for taste & garnish

Boil 4 cup of water with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, then add rice in the boiling water, add 1 tea spoon sqeezed lemon juice and salt.

Switch on the stove, place one pan on the flame add some ghee or veg.oil in the pan, then add greenchillygingergarlic paste in to the pan mix well after put some garam masala,pepper powder, corriandermint leaves. After that add chicken pieces in the pan and mix well then add some curd and salt. 1 cup water in to the mix , then cook. Take a non stick container and place the chicken with gravy above the half cooked rice and continue layering the chicken and rice over the top of each other. Add corrinander leaves on each consecutive layers if required.


Take another pan and place it on the stove on low heat. Place the non stick container over the pan and place a Iid weight on the top of the container to prevent the loss of steam. Cook for five minutes and Biriyani will be ready.


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