Kerala hit by flood


Rescue operations are running. Government, navy, and all the locals are helping. By Gods grace rain has reduced.

Rain has affected all areas in kerala. Most of the people are trapped in their own homes. But the navy rescue operation is still going on.

Today the Prime Minister will visit the situations in flooded area and will take further action.

The flood affected economically and financially through out kerala. But I think gods own country will overcome these situation. Because of the central ministry’s and government’s help and most of loving people will help the society to build a new kerala.

Onam will be coming next week. The king Mahabali, was sent down to hell by Vamana. Vamana gave a boom to Mahabali, every year he could come to visit Kerela. This remembrance day we are celebrating as onam. According to the myth when king Mahabali ruled people lives happily. There was no cheating and no lies. Our festival onam will be coming next week. People of kerala from defferent caste and religion celebrate onam together. This onam, we dont know how we will celebrate in this situation. Let us wait ans see what is next.


Dal cooked                                 2 cups

Ginger                                        1 small piece

Small onion                              3 no

Garlic                                         1 clove

Chilli powder                           1 tea spoon

Curry leaves                             2 spring

Oil                                              2 table spoon

Salt for taste


  1. Smash ginger, small onion and garlic.
  2. Heat oil in the tawa and add the smashed mix. Saute well.
  3. Add curry leaves and chilli powder then mix with cooked dal and salt. Dal

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