Fried Chicken in sauce


More children like this recipe. I am sure. Children like crunchiness.

Chicken                                        4 medium pieces

Chilli powder                              1 tea spoon

Soya sauce                                   1 tea spoon

Chilli sauce                                  1 tea spoon

Tomato sauce                              1 tea spoon

Ginger garlic paste                    1 tea spoon

Salt if needed


  • Make slits on the chicken.
  • Mix all above ingredients and apply on the chicken pieces.
  • Keep aside for 1 or 1/2 hour for marination.
  • Heat a pan and pour veg. oil for frying.
  • Place the chicken pieces in it.
  • Simmer it and allow to fry.

Serve to accompanied with slitted onion and tomato sauce.

Gods own county is in natures hand. We can’t say what happens next.








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