Toast Bread with Vegetable and Egg Filling

Carrot chopped                                     1/2 cup

Cabbage chopped                                 1/2 cup

Beans chopped                                      1/4 cup

Capsicum chopped                               1/2 cup

Egg                                                           1 or 2

Pepper powder                                     1/2 tea spoon

Butter                                                     2 table spoon.

For filling

Heat the pan. saute the egg with butter and a pinch of pepper. Keep aside.

Heat a pan and Saute the vegetables with 1 table spoon butter, pepper and salt. Do not over cook.

Mix the egg and vegetables. Apply a little cream in the bread and fill the egg vegetable mix on the top then cover with next bread. Toast bread in a pan. Delicious tea snack ready. Eat with tomato sauce.

Continuation of Heavy Rain and Land Sliding

Climatic changes hit in our state continously. People living in hill stations are thinking worrying about what happens next.

Rain and land slides have taken 26 lives. And low lands are threatened by floods. Most of the dams shutters are opened. After 26 years, Idukki dam’s flood gates have also been opened.

Red alert continuoing, rescue army is helping the people .

Gods own country is needing help from God.


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