Brinjal Roast (egg plant)

Brinjals have lot of health benefits such as prevention of cancer, reduces cholesterol and provides high fiber.

It contains phyto nutrients so it prevents brain damage and protects your cell membranes and also boosts memory function, aids in tranfering messages one part to another part.


Brinjal                                 10nos

Onion                                    4

Garlic flakes                        6

Green chilli                         5

Ginger chopped                 1/2 table spoon

Chilli powder                     1/2 tea spoon

Whole pepper                   12

Cumin seed                       3/4 tea spoon

Poppy seed                       1 1/4 table spoon

Fenugreek                        1/4 tea spoon

Curry leaves                    2 spring

Salt                                    for taste

Turmeric                         1/4 tea spoon

Oil                                     6 table spoon

Tamarind                       1 table spoon


All brinjals slit into four to three quarter firmly attached. Apply Turmeric and salt on the brinjals. Then fry in a pan with two table spoon oil. Keep aside.

Poppy seeds, cumin, fenugreek and one chopped onion grind it to a paste.

Heat oil and fry the remaining onions slightly brown, add whole pepper, green chilly, curry leaves fry for few minutes. Add the grinded paste, chilli powder, salt according to the taste and saute well.

Half of the mix fill into the brinjal. Add the brinjal with 3/4 cup of water then slightly stir for a few minutes and add thick tamarind juice.

“Good food keeps our health and wealth.”

Beauty of pink and white

Beauty Tip

Elbows will be smooth if rubbed with warm olive oil.


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