Yam Erissery


Yam has a lot of nutrients and health benefits it it . Dietary fibre, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, manganese etc.


Yam cut into pieces                                  1/2 kg

Grated Coconut                                         2 cup

Cumin                                                         1 tea spoon

Long green chilly                                      3 no

Red chilly                                                    3 no

Small onion                                               6 no

Mustard                                                     1 tea spoon

Coconut oil                                                3 table spoon

Curry leaves                                              3 stem

Salt                                                              to taste

Cook the yam and smash it well. Bend coconut, green chilly, cumin and turmeric well.

Then add the mix into the yam with salt and two cups of water. Leav ite to simmer on a low fire and stir till it thickens.



Heat coconut oil, add mustard let it sputter then add sliced onion, grated coconut two table spoon, red chilli and curry leaves saute it well and cook it till it becomes golden  in colur and pour it into the yam mix. Yam erissery is ready to serve.



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