Homely Chilly Chicken

Chilly chicken


Chilly chicken                                  1/2kg(boneless)

Onion                                                 2 medium

Capsicum                                          1 ,,

Green chilly                                     1 ,,

Ginger                                               1 small piece

Garlic                                                1 clove

Gingergarlic Paste                          1 table spn

Salt                                                    for taste

Chilly sauce                                    1 tea spoon

Soya sauce                                      1 ,, ,,

Tomato sauce                                 1 ,, ,,

veg. oil                                             3 table spoon

Corriander leaf                              for garnishing


Marinate the chicken pieces with gingergarlic paste, chillysoyatomato sauce.

Onion and capsicum should be cut into cube size. Then place a pan on the fire and add some vegetable oil. Take Thinly chopped ginger, garlic and one long green chilly and place it into the hot oil,after that add onion and saute it well then add kashmiri chilly powder mix it well take 3/4th portion and keep aside. After it all place the marinated chicken in the pan and saute well then pour 1/2 cup water for cooking. Lastly add the rest of the 3/4 portion, if need add little salt and 1 tea spoon cornflour mix in little water pour and saute well then garnish with corriander leaves.

Always I am Happy
I am always happy, because my flower arrangements and cooking experience can be shared with you all in my blog. So I am very happy.

Today my children’s lunch box is accompanied with my own recipe.


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