Tuna’s Egg Buruji

Today I am sharing a tasty dish with tuna’s egg. It is low in calories and high in protein. Tuna fish has lot of eastrogen content.


Tuna fish egg           – 100g

Egg                             – 1 no

Coconut                     – 1 cup

Finely chopped

Onion          – 1

Green chilly             – 2

Chopped ginger

&garlic                     – 1 table spoon

Garam masala        – 1tea spn

Termeric                  – pinch

Salt                           – for taste

Curry                       – 2 stems


Beat the chicken egg with the tina egg. Then add all ingredients one by one then beat well. Place a pan and heat the oil pour the mix in the pan and close with a lid. Simmer the flame and allow it to cook and flip it then saute it well. Delicious utna egg buruji ready.

Climate become Pleasant

Today the heavy rain has almost stopped. But lowlands are flooded. Rescue operations are going on.


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