Steamed Rice Flour With Coconut

Todays my break fast

Steamed Puttu

Rice flour -1 cup grated coco- nut -1 cup, salt for taste &water.


Mix salt with water then carefully sprinkle it into the rice flour and mix gently until it forms small lumps.

Put some grated coconut in to the steamer then place the soaked flour continue the process until it is full. Steam for 7 minutes and remove from the steamer.

Tasty break fast ready to eat, accompanied with banana fruit or any fruit and stew.

Hymn writer Edwin Hodder wrote, “Thy Word is like a deep, deep mine; and jewels rich rare are hidden its mighty depths for every searcher there.”

Miraculous Love

Who talks who speaks is not a problem, the word, but people take the meaning in different ways, because it depends upon the circumstance. Right speech at the right time is much better than anything to cool the heart. True words are eternal and creates miracles in the life. The words which are hollow are not dependable and trustworthy.


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