Rice Flake Coconut mix

img_20180702_154825-89701921.jpg                                                                  Todays snack

Aval nanachathu

Rice flakes                                              2 cups

Grated coconut                                     2 cups

Sugar                                                      2 table spn

Cardamom powder                             1 tea spn

Mix all ingredients well and serve it with banana fruit


“Many are called but few are chosen”.

Life is always like football play

Football is one of the best out door game.Every four years we are awaiting for an amazing football cup. We are receiving 2018s world cup. But in these days we saw best teams fall. All teams compete inch to inch with each other.

Most of the players playing well. I like Messy, Ronaldo, Mmbape, Hary Kane, Neymar….


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