Ghee Roast

Healthy foods provides our body with the vital nutrients. Dosa is a staple food of South India. Easy to digest, good source of carbohydtates, high in protiens, it provides vitamins.


Raw white Rice                   – 3cup

Urad dal                               – 1cup

Fenugreek Seed                  -1 teaspn

Cooked rice                         – little

Salt for taste



Soak rice urad dal (ushunnu) and fenugreek seed six or seven hours. Grind it well, with cooked rice.Mix with salt and keep one night for fermentation.

Place a fryingpan on the fire.Thinly roll the Dosa mix on the pan until it becines a circle and flip it. Apply ghee on the roast. Tasty ghee roast ready.

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