Fish Fry

Exif_JPEG_420I will give one of my receipe for my friends. That is yummy Fried Fish.


Fried fish

Take one cleaned medium size fish.


Kashmiri chilly powder     – 1 tablespoon

Pepper powder                     – 1 table spoon

Gingergarlic paste                 1tea spoon

Curry leaves

Lemon juice                           -1 table spoon

Saltpowder                              for taste

Mix these ingredients well and apply the paste all over the fish . Keep the fish for marination half an hour. Then take a pan and pour the oil into the pan for shallow frying , when the oil gets hot add the fish. Cook both sides till it reaches a golden brown colour.

Serve the fish with some onions and a slice of lemon. Tasty fried fish is ready.


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