Banana Flower with coconut mix

Banana flower has a lot of advantages. South Asians cook this flower all the time Vitamin A,C,E are supplied by this flower.It Reduces anxiety, over bleeding hipfat etc..


Banana flower              – 1

GratedCoconut             -1cup

Small onion                  – 5 nos

Green chilli                   – 2 ,,

Garlic                             – 2

Termeric powder        -1/2tea spn

Oil                                   – 1 table spoon


Remove outer layers of the banana flower. Then geate it into long thin slices,then add cooking oil and mix it well with the grated flower Keep aside.

Grind Grated coconut, 3 small onion, chilli, garlic and termeric . Place the pan on the fire pour oil in the pan and then add mustard and let it sputter,then add finely chopped small onions and curryleaves. Add the mix and saute it well then add the grated banana flower, salt, and a little water for cooking. Take two three minutes to cook. Then stir well and cook until it lises moisture . Tasty banana flower mix is ready.

Continuing Stormy Days

Here yesterday night it was stormy. We are afraid about the change in weather. So many people are suffering from floods and have lost their homes


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