Chicken Masala


Chicken masala

Cleaned chicken          1/2kg

Onion                             2

Ginger                            1 small

Garlic                             1 clove

Curry leaves                 2stems


powder                         2tablespn


Powder                        1 1/2 ,,


Powder                        1 tea spoon

Termeric                     1 tea spn


Masala                        1tea spn

Vinegar                      1 tea spn

Salt                             for taste

Oil                              3 tablespoon


Cut chicken into small pieces and clean. Place the pan on the fire and heat oil in the pan put some mustard and curry leaves, add sliced onion, small pieces of ginger, sliced garlic, saute it well it comes to golden add chilly, corriander, pepper termeric, garam masala powders then vinegar and salt also, mix well then add chicken pieces in the pan and mix all ingredients well after that pour some water and cook until the gravy comes to dry. Turn of fire and garnish with corriander leaves.

We spend leisure time for useful activities. In the morning I am engaged ina lot of works after that fedup in a difficult mood. When working continuously we need relaxation. Hobbies is the best way for relaxation. I enjoy reading news. I loved gardening since my childhood but today no chance to enjoy that way. The sight of a lovely garden is refreshing. Now I am interested to write blogs, this is the place to express my feelings and experiences and get relaxation.


Leisure Time Spend

Flower arrangement is my partime job, that way too I am relaxing because flowers gives us energy. But more stress does not give us energy. I also love photography.

“More weight lifting need relaxation”.


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