Ka pirallen (plantain side dish)

Today I will share side dish of lunch. This is a vegetarian dish. Try it, very tasty.

Ka pirallen


Green plantain            3 nos

Grated coconut            2cups

green chilly                   2 nos

Small onion                   3

Mustard                         1 tea spn

Garlic                              2

Curry leaves                  3 stem

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Coconut oil                    2 table spn

Cut plantain in to small pieces and wash. Then cook with water and salt. Coconut, greenchilly, onion, garlic smash well. Place a pan on the fire pour coconut oil in the pan it comes to hot place mustard afterthat chopped small onions, curry leaves then smashed ingredients add into the pan and saute well then add pantain and mix.

“Recipe will be shared for the future generations”.


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