Boiled Tapioca And Dried Fish Chutney


I will share malayalees attractive recipe. Boiled tapioca and dry fish with coconut.

Boiled tapioca


Tapioca                         2 nos

Salt                                for taste


Tapioca cut in to pieces. Boil with water and salt. Take enough time to cook.


Dried fish with coconut


Small dried fish                   3 no

Grated coconut                    1cup

Chilly powder                      1teaspn

Small onion                           2nos

Small onion                          1/2 cup

Long green

Chilly                                     1

Oil                                          for frying

Curry leaves                        2 stems


Clean the fish and fry it in oil. Then grind it. Coconut, chilly powder, small onions just smash. Place the pan on the fire and pour one table spoon coconut or veg.oil then place 1/2 cup chopped small onion, one long green chilly thinely chopped and curry leaves then grinded dry fish and remaining ingredients. Stir fry until done. Dried fish is salted, if need add salt.


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“As spice flavours food,so variety makes life more pleasant.”


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