My Lunch


Most of South Indians enjoy their lunch with meals.Todays my lunch

Cooked rice

Fish fryimg_20180701_185945-1696232535.jpg

Dal curry

Fried vegs &


Boil rice and drain the excess water.


Fish fry

Clean the fish and marinate with kashmiri chilly powder, pepper powder, gingergarlic paste, garam masala,lemon juice little,salt keep aside half an hour.

Heat the oil and fry the fishes.



Dhal curry

Wash dhal and cook it well and keep aside

One or two onion finely chopped, 2green chilly slitted, gingergarlic finely chopped 1table spoon. Heat the oil and add little mustard, 1/2 tea spn cumin, onions, green chilly, gingergarlic saute it few minutes then curry leaves and corriander leaves add cooked dal and salt stir with water another two minutes. Garnish with corriander and curry leaves. Tasty dhal curry ready.img_20180701_100146-1654627018.jpg



Fried vegs

Cut vegs carrot, long beans, potato and salt for taste Boil it 2 minutes. Heat oil and place vegs. in the pan with little chilly powder or pepper powder. Fry it 2 or 3 minutes.



Veg salad

Grate carrot, thinly chopped salad cucumber, finely sliced onion, add some mayonise, pepper powder, pich salt mix it well. Salad ready.


Our Almighty

If we look about and consider the lives of others as well as our own , if we think how little beauty we see and how few friends we hear of, how many deseases and how much poverty in the world. We will fall down upon knees and will admire so many blessings which we have received from the hand of God.



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