Fried Soya bean Chunks

Soya bean chunks are a source of protien. They are to be Moderately taken suggests nutritiants. Rich in B12 and eastrogen.


Soya chunk                – 2cup

Onion                         – 2 medium

Ginger ans garlic

thinly chopped        – 1 tablespn

Meat masala or


powder                     – 2 table spn

Curry leaves           – 2 stem

Turmeric                –  pinch

Salt                          – for taste

Oil                           – 3table spn


Soak soya chunks for one hour. Add Soya chunks, a pinch of kashmiri chiili powder, termeric, salt and water in a pressure cooker. Add Soya chunks equallent of water in the pressure cooker, get one whistle off the flame. Then strain it. Slice them it into four or six pieces. Keep aside.

Heat the oil, add chopped onion then gingergarlic, curry leaves, saute it well then mix the meat or veg.masala until the smell becomes fragrant. Add the soya chunk slices, salt in the mix and stir well until it comes to fry.

Meeting with lovely girls

In the evening I am in a slowgoing mood suddenly one of our family friends daughters and inlaws with two babies came. They were in a rush . But we enjoyed a few minutes with them.

Bye bye and good night my friends.


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