Today I introduce steamed jack fruit sweet rolled with bay leaf.



Sliced jack fruit                       2cups

Grated coconut                        2cups

boiled and stained

jaggery or sugar                      1/2 cup

riceflour                                    2cup

cardamom and

nutmeg powder                       for flavour

salt                                              for taste

Bay leaves.

Place the pan on the fire put sliced jackfruit, jaggery syrup, grated coconut saute it well until the mixture come to thicken add cardamom nutmeg powder and keep the mixture aside.

Boil water and add rice flour with little salt, mix it well. Then add mix of jackfruit.

Turn bay leaf round and place the mixture in it and block it. All the mixture do it like and place a steamer on the fire all these rolled mixture in the steamer. Steam it 15 minutes. Sweet dish is ready.

Dangerous disease

Smoking excessive intake of alcohol and junk foods may cause the risk of certain cancers in mouth, lungs, stomach etc. Obesity, biological factors, life style also leads to this disease.

Any way we have to reduce the habit of tobacco, alcohol, fat food and pollution.

Regular physical excercise like jogging, yoga and healthy food habits and fruits and vegetables reduce the risk.

“Health is better than wealth”.


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