Egg Curry



Egg                                    4 nos

Onion                                2,,

Ginger                               1 small piece

Garlic                                1 clove

Tomato                             1 small

Chillypowder                  1 table spn

Corriander Powder        1table spn

Salt                                     for taste

Mayonaise                          1 table spn


Boil egg 5 minutes. Remove shells and keep.

Place the pan and heat the oil add some mustard then sliced onion saurte well it comes to golden colour add crushed gingergarlic,tomato termeric, corriander, chilly powders inorder. Add some water and salt place the egg in the gravy cook 3 minutes add mayonise. Add some curry leaves or corriander leaves for garnish.

Side seen

Every day travelling we Here these days are Good evening my friends, I have a weakness to love the place where I played in my chilhood days. I desire to do what I did in my childhood days. and rainy. Floods going on because of the natural calamity. Huge building constuctions are very dangerous to the hillsides. So beware of enviormental changes. interesting and non- interesting things.

“We will have a chance to help somebody in a worse condition in travel.”


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