Jackfruit pancake


I am going to make a food with our seasonal jackfruit. it is high nutrients and antioxidants and have number of health benefitjackfruit control blood sugar. lowering high blood pressure etc..

Jackfruit pan cake


Flour         3cups

Egg            1

Salt           for taste


Mix all ingredients together and make a batter.

For Filling

Ghee                          1 table spoon

Slitted jackFruit     4 cups

Jaggery                     1 no

GratedCocunut       1 cup


Powder                    1tea spoon


Boil the splitted jaggery and stain. Then add jack fruit, grated coconut into the pan and cook well mixture

get thicken then add cardamom powder. Keep aside. Place a pan on the stove pour the batter 1 big spoon in the pan cook both sides. Place filling in the middle of the dosa and hold 4sides as cube shape. Tasty sweet snack ready.

Beginning Stormy Days

Here these days are, storm and rainy. Floods going on because of the natural calamity. Huge building constuctions are very dangerous to the hillsides. So beware of enviormental changes.


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