Importance of EDUCATION

Study gives us more knowldge about everything. We have to look around our living place, we seeing most of things happening there and every persons attitude changing, depends upon the situations. We are student.

More over all creations are depends upon each other for their necessary. Challenge in the life make a person more strength.

I will give you one receipe:

Homely Chicken Fry

Chicken 1 kg

Onion 2

Garlic 2clove

Kashmiri chilly powder 2 table spoon

Pepper 1 tea spoon

Ginger 1 small piece


Garlic paste) 1table spoon

(Long green

Chilly) – 2slit



Chilly sauce) for marination and taste.


Cut Chicken into small pieces and clean it. Marinate for 1 hour with gi


ngergarlic paste and chilly ,tomato and,soy sauce. Cut the onion into cubes. Chop the ginger and garlic into small pieces.

Heat the oil, then add chopped gingergarlic, long chillies, and onion mix well. Take it off the flame and keep aside. Lower the flame and add gingergarlic paste, kashmiri chilly powder for colour and add marinated chicken add salt to taste cook and for 5 minutes.Now add the water with the cornflour. Add gingergarlic, onion, chilly and mix well. Tasty homely chicken fry ready. Serve with hot chappathies or nan.


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