Taste makes people happy

Every man has taste buds to taste the food. Tasty foods make a man’s mind and stomach happy.

How to make mouth water. I will give an example. Tasty fish pickle.

Take one fish, cut the pieces evenly and clean it then take some kashmiri chilly powder, little pepper powder , 1 tea spoon turmeric powder, salt and vineger for taste. Mix these ingredients together with fish and keep for 1 hour. Boil veg oil in a pan and put the fish pieces in to the oil and fry till  it attains a golden colour. Cook ginger, garlic and add it into the boiled oil seperately . After that mix ginger and garlicpaste together in the oil and then add kashmiri chilly powder, asafotida powder, garam masala, salt, veneger as required.

After all add the fried into this masala then mix well.

Tasty  fish pickle ready.

Bye bye my friends.


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