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It is popular in  South India. It contains  fibre rich vegs. Fibre helps the digestive system. It is a daily dish in Southern India, consumed along with idli, dosa and rice. Sambar mix  can be bought from grocery shop.


Ingredients & Cooking Method

We used to cook sambahr with carrot, cucumber, drumstick, beans,ladies finger, plantain etc…

Cook the dhal,then add different types vegetables clean and cut into one or two inches. when vegetables are half cooked add tamarind or tomato for sour taste. Until vegetables are cooked remove from the fire.

Place a pan on the fire, pour vegetable oil in the pan and whe it becomes comes hot add mustard and let it  sputter, then add cumin, small onion, curry leaves, corriander leavesand add  sambhar powder at last saute well and add little water then pour it into the cooked vegetables.Tasty sambhar ready.

Good evening my friends,

We left from home today and are on the way to Thiruvanavthapuram, KERALA I unexpectedly met my brother. We were travelling to spend sometime with our cousins.

Unexpected meetings gives us more energy.

Good Bye.


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