Coconut Burfi

I will share coconut burfi

Coconut burfi

Castor sugar                        2 cup

Grated coconut                   2 cup

Milk powder                        2 cup

Water                                   sufficient amount

Milk                                      1/4 cup


Put sugar and coconut in a heavy bottomed pan in a low fire, stirring continuosly till the sugar has almost melted. Remove from the fire then add the milk powder and mix well.

Mix a little milk with water and wet the hands with this. Make balls with above mixture and flatten gently between the palms.

To decorate a raisin can be kept in its middle or it can be covered with almond powder

Busy day

Good evening my friends, today I had to do so much work. I worked and solved my problems. Where there is a pain there is a gain. Today we had a nice breakfast , tasty dosa with sambar.


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